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Student care software, Best school management software

Do you think technology really enhance the quality of our education system? Student care - Best School Management software for a better education system.

To Manage a School/College from your mobile or computer. This product eliminates duplication of work and effectively manages the entire school administration tasks.

  • Customizable for schools, colleges, offices etc.
  • Registration & Admission management for students
  • Staff and student database
  • Manage classes, subjects according to requirements
  • Fee management (Fee structure, Collection, Payment history)
  • Track students & staff daily attendance
  • Daily fee collection report
  • Student list and progress report
  • Monthly Attendance
  • Complete fee history
  • Notification SMS to the parents and teachers (Holidays, Mark lists, Custom messages)
  • Certificate management (Transfer certificate, Conduct Certificate)
  • Add daily expenses and view reports
  • Transportation Management (School bus registration, Driver details, Bus details )
  • Library Management (Book issue, Availability check, Issue details, Book return)