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Optical shop management software

Optibook is an all-in-one optical software designed to efficiently manage various aspects of your optical shop business. It offers a range of features to help you run your shop professionally and streamline your operations. Overall, Optibook is a comprehensive and smart billing software designed specifically for optical shops. Its range of features and capabilities ensures that you can efficiently manage your inventory, accounting, customer data, and more, leading to improved productivity and business success.


  • Optibook is user-friendly and can be easily customized to suit the specific needs of your optical shop. It allows you to adapt the software according to your business requirements and preferences.
    Easily Customizable
  • You can store and manage essential company information within the software, ensuring easy access to crucial details whenever needed.
    Company Information
  • Optibook enables you to maintain a comprehensive customer database. You can store and track customer information, sales history, and payment details to provide better customer service and build strong relationships.
    Customer Database
  • With Optibook, you can efficiently manage your inventory, including optical products and medicines. It helps you keep track of stock levels, ensuring you never run out of popular products.
    Stock Management
  • The software allows you to categorize products into different sections, making it easier to organize and manage your offerings effectively.
    Medicine and Optical Categories
  • Optibook facilitates seamless medicine purchase transactions, generating invoices, and maintaining a detailed history of past purchases.
    Medicine Purchase - Billing, Print, and History
  • Similarly, the software helps you handle medicine sales by generating bills, keeping a record of sales, and providing access to sales history.
    Medicine Sales - Billing, Print, and History
  • For optical products, Optibook simplifies the purchase process with billing features, printable invoices, and a comprehensive history log.
    Optical Purchase - Billing, Print, and History
  • The software supports various print options, including thermal printing and A4 (single or double) printing, ensuring flexibility in generating bills and other documents.
    Print Options
  • With Optibook, you can easily check the pay balance of customers, allowing you to keep track of pending payments and follow up accordingly.
    Check Pay Balance
  • The software provides the convenience of generating QR codes for sales, enabling faster and more secure transactions.
    QR Code Generation for Sales
  • Optibook assists in managing other expenses related to your optical shop, helping you keep track of various costs and expenditures.
    Other Expense Management
  • You can generate detailed stock reports to monitor the status of your inventory and make informed decisions about restocking or managing slow-moving items.
    Stock Report
  • Optibook provides purchase reports that give you insights into your buying patterns and expenses on medicines and optical products.
    Purchase Report
  • The software offers sales reports, enabling you to analyze your sales performance and identify trends and opportunities.
    Sales Report
  • With Optibook, you can effortlessly generate GST reports, simplifying tax compliance and reporting.
    GST Report
  • The software offers expense reports that provide a clear overview of your shop's expenditures, assisting you in budgeting and cost management.
    Expense Report